This property specifies the level of logging to use for the log (trace) file produced by the adapter.

The default is Off. The value Information means log informational, the value Errors Only means log error messages only, and the value Verbose means log debug and trace level messages along with the informational and error messages.

Logging can be specified using command:

-T [E|V] [+] [file_path]

-T -> Log adapter informational messages.

-TE -> Log only adapter errors.

-TV -> Use verbose (debug) logging. The log file records all activity that occurs while the adapter is producing or consuming messages.

+ -> Appends the trace information to the existing log file. Omit this keyword to create a new log file.

file_path -> The full path to the adapter trace log. If you omit this keyword, the adapter creates the m4azblob.mtr log file in the map directory.