Output objects built

After all the input data has been validated and the input data is valid, output objects are generated based on each output card specification, including the map rules. If the output has an initiator defined, it is built first. Then, each output is built, one rule at a time, beginning with the first rule of the first output card. The entire first rule is evaluated, even if it refers to other maps and functions. When the first output is built, it is a complete data object, identified and treated as any other input data object is identified and treated. This enables you to refer to earlier outputs in a map rule.

As outputs are built, syntax objects are inserted-such as a delimiter, initiator, terminator, or release character-according to the type definition, and whatever remaining bytes of a fixed-length item are filled with pad characters. The execution process continues as the rules are evaluated and output data is built through the completion of the last rule of the last card.