Running the HCL Integration Platform CICS preloader utility

The name of the preloader utility is DTXnnnLD, where nnn is the HCL Integration Platform version. For example, the name of the preloader for HCL Integration Platform V8.4.1 is DTX841LD.

You can run the utility only when no other mapping process is active. The DTXnnnIC and the DTXnnnIK programs must have a RESCOUNT of 0. If a mapping process is active, the DTXnnnLD utility fails and writes a message to SYSPRINT DD.

You can execute the DTXnnnLD utility:
  • As a transaction (DTLD)
  • By linking to the DTXnnnLD program
  • By adding the DTXnnnLD program as a second-phase initialization PLTPI

You can run the CICS preloader utility multiple times. Each time it runs, it frees the maps from memory and reloads them from disk.

If you do not preload a map, load it into the DnnnMAP VSAM file (where nnn is the HCL Integration Platform version) to run it.