Audit (-A)

Use the Audit execution command (-A) to control the creation of audit log information. When used with other specified options, the Audit settings specified with the Audit command (-A) override all Audit settings compiled into the map. When used without other specified options, no audit log is produced. For information about the audit log files, see the Map Designer documentation. The default is to write the audit information to a temporary storage queue named DTXAUD. You can override the default by specifying the storage medium to be used and the name. See Specifying Storage Medium for details.

-A [D[R|W]][E[R|W]][B[R|W]][C[R|W]][P[R|W]][[M][S]]
Specify one of the following codes, which represents the storage medium to be used for the audit report

T = Specify a temporary storage queue
D = Specify a transient data queue
R = Specify VSAM relative-record dataset
K = Specify VSAM key-sequenced dataset
E = Specify VSAM entry-sequenced dataset

Specify the queue name or VSAM dataset name for the audit report

Name must not be preceded by any spaces.