Building a platform-specific map

After creating a map in Map Designer, you can build a map for a specific execution platform. Select a specific platform under Map > Build for Specific Platform.

When a map is built for a specific platform, the name of the compiled map file has a platform-specific file name extension that indicates the execution platform for the map. The following table lists each platform and the corresponding platform-specific filename extension.

Map File Name Extension
HP-UX (Itanium processor)
IBM® AIX® (RS/6000® processor)
Linux (Intel processor)
Microsoft Windows
Sun Solaris (SPARC processor)

After transferring a platform-specific built map, it is strongly recommended that you rename the compiled map by using the .mmc file extension. Renaming it is not necessary; however, it is helpful because an .mmc extension identifies the file name in mapping functions and the renamed map can be executed without specifying the extension.