Specifying output fixed format record length

Output data to transient data queues and temporary storage queues is, by default, written as 80-byte fixed length records. Use the Output File Override execution command (-O) to override the default and specify a different fixed output record length that is less than or equal to 32768.

The following examples demonstrate how to specify the fixed output record length using the Output File Override (-O) execution command:

-O2@D#72 OUTQ
Data is written to a transient data queue named OUTQ in 72-byte fixed-length records.
-O1#256 MYTSQ
Data is written to a temporary storage queue named MYTSQ in 256-byte fixed-length records.
Note: Fixed format record length cannot be specified for input cards and storage buffers. For VSAM, the record length is the record length defined for the dataset.