Specifying storage medium

The z/OS CICS Execution Option can map from or to any of six different storage media.

You would specify the storage media by using the following codes:

  • T = Specify a temporary storage queue.
  • D = Specify a transient data queue.
  • R = Specify VSAM pre-defined relative-record dataset.
  • K = Specify VSAM pre-defined key-sequenced dataset.
  • E = Specify VSAM pre-defined entry-sequenced dataset.
  • B = Specify storage buffer.

Storage media can be specified for data sources and targets as well as execution log, trace, and audit output. For a data source or target, the default storage medium is a temporary storage queue with the input or output card name defined without the PC-based path and file extension.

A particular storage medium can also be specified for data audit, execution log, trace, and problem resolution information:

This temporary storage queue
is the default medium for the...
execution log
audit log
debug listing

The following examples demonstrate how to specify the storage medium option with the applicable execution commands. In these examples, it is assumed that the storage medium for input and output data files comprises one or more records of a consistent, fixed length.

Specifies data for input card 1 resides in a TDQ called INPQ
Specifies data for output card 1 is written to a TSQ named OUTPUTQ
Specifies data for input card 3 resides in a storage buffer
Specifies input 2 is a VSAM KSDS named MYKSDSIN
Specifies output 2 is a VSAM ESDS named MYESDSOU
Specifies output 2 is written to a VSAM RRDS named without a PC path or file extension
Specifies that an execution log is written to a TSQ named DTXLOG
Specifies that an audit log file is written to a TDQ named DTXAUD
Specifies that an input trace file is written to a TSQ named DTXTRCE
Specifies that a debug listing is written to a TSQ named DTXDEBG
Note: When using an input or output override execution command (-I) or (-O), the source or target name must be preceded by one or more spaces. If the override specifies a storage buffer, using an override name is not applicable. Names for the data and execution audit, trace, and problem resolution information are not separated from the command by spaces.