The DTXMPULD utility

In addition to loading maps into the KSDS, where maps are stored for use in the z/OS CICS region as described above, the DTXMPULD utility has the capability of listing and deleting maps from the KSDS map.

The command syntax is as follows:


Either or both of these can be used in combination with the INPUT command that specifies maps to be loaded into the VSAM KSDS.

The parameter map_name_or_mask can be used to specify a single map or a collection of maps if you use the wildcard character *. For example, DELETE=MAPA will delete only MAPA from the KSDS map. DELETE=MAPA* deletes all maps with names beginning with MAPA. LIST=* lists all maps stored in the VSAM dataset. DELETE=* deletes all maps.

To use either the DELETE or LIST, the DDNAME MAPKSDS must identify the map KSDS:


If the INPUT command is not used, no output is generated for loading into the map KSDS. Consequently, the SORT and REPRO steps of the DTXCI JCL should not be executed.