Using the RUN function

The first argument of the RUN function is the name of the map to be executed. Under z/OS CICS this must be the name of the map as it exists in the map KSDS. At run-time, the CICS Execution Option converts the map name specified in the RUN function by removing any drive, path, and file extension information if it exists. For example, the following map rule will execute the map MAP_10:


When using the RUN function, by default, the CICS Execution Option execution log, audit log, trace, and problem resolution output are written to temporary storage queues RUNLOGnn, RUNAUDnn, RUNTRCnn, and RUNDBGnn, respectively, where nn is the recursion level of the map greater than or equal to 01. You can override these targets as described above.

A map executed using the RUN function is loaded once and is removed from storage when the task ends or when the map executed is different from the last map executed. This means that maps repeatedly executed are not reloaded each time.