Overriding Language Environment (LE) runtime options

You can set the Language Environment (LE) runtime options in the executable DTXCMDSV program.

Use the PARM field or the CEEOPTS DD statement in your JCL to set the LE options.

For information about how to use the LE runtime options, see the following publications:
  • SA22-7561-0X z/OS Language Environment Programming Guide
  • SA22-7562-0X z/OS Language Environment Programming Reference

The LE options that you specify on either the PARM field or the CEEOPTS DD override both the system and program-defined options. A common use of these LE runtime options with HCL Integration Platform is to override the STACK and HEAP runtime options.

As an example, if you specify the following LE options on the CEEOPTS DD statement of your JCL, it produces both an LE Options and Storage report. These reports can assist you in tuning the product's interaction with LE. The reports are directed to the SYSOUT DD statement.


To use the DTXCMDSV executable program, specify it in your JCL as shown in the following example: