Using the CICS Execution Option

The CICS Execution Option can be invoked in several ways.

About this task

It can be invoked:

  • From a clear terminal, enter the DTXI transaction and follow it with a command string containing the name of at least one map and any execution commands required for the execution of that map. Command arguments must be separated by spaces. For example, to run the map MYMAP from a terminal with commands specifying input and output card overrides, type:
    Note: The MYMAP file must have been built for z/OS CICS, file transferred to z/OS, and loaded into the z/OS CICS map KSDS.
  • Start the DTXI transaction from a user program by passing the transaction name DTXI followed by the command string containing the map name and any required execution commands in the FROM option of the EXEC CICS START command.
  • Automatically initiate the DTXI transaction from a trigger transient data queue. The first record in the queue must contain the transaction name DTXI followed by the command string.
  • Invoke the DTXI program using an EXEC CICS LINK and pass the link control blocks. (Use the DTXSCTST sample program as a guide.) These control blocks define areas for the command string, optional data buffers, and a return code and message.
    Note: When DTXI is invoked using an EXEC CICS LINK, the command string supplied must be null terminated. If the calling program is COBOL, this means that the command string must be followed, in working storage, by at least one byte containing LOW-VALUES.

To run a map using the CICS Execution Option for z/OS CICS


  1. Build the map for z/OS CICS. From the Map Designer select Map > Build for Specific Platform and select IBM(TM) z/OS from the drop-down list.
  2. File transfer the platform-specific map to z/OS CICS as BINARY with no ASCII to EBCDIC translation and no elimination of carriage returns (CRs) and line feeds (LFs).
    Note: Transfer the file exactly as it is, without any changes.
  3. Modify and execute the DTXCMJCL JCL to load the map into the z/OS CICS VSAM map dataset see Running the Map Examples .
    Note: It is possible to execute multiple maps from one command line. The syntax is:


map1 map1_execution_commands map2 map2_execution_commands

... Maps are loaded once and removed from storage when the task ends or when the map executed is different from the last map executed. This means that maps repeatedly executed are not reloaded each time.