Using the Command Server

The Command Server provides a window that shows ongoing information during map execution.

To use the Command Server to run a map

When you open the Command Server application, a window opens indicating that the Command Server is ready to be run; however, no maps are currently loaded:

  1. From the Map menu, select Run.
  2. Choose a compiled map.

The Command Server window displays status information such as the number of objects found and built, as well as execution time.

Note: If the map does not complete successfully, see Using a Command Server for troubleshooting information.

To override map settings, right-click an executable map in Design Studio and edit the map settings. The map is ready to be run according to the newly entered override settings. The values entered in the Map Settings do not update the compiled map file, and are only recognized for this one-time execution. To permanently change any values for map settings, use the Map Designer to modify the settings and recompile the map.