About this task

JCL files are used when executing the HCL Integration Platform in the CICS region just as they are for Batch. However, instead of specifying the .mrn file in a DTXMRN DDNAME definition in the same JCL file in which the job steps that invoke the HCL Integration Platform are also specified, the .mrn file is specified in a DTXMRN VSAM dataset definition submitted in a separate JCL file. The DTXMRN VSAM dataset definition includes the name and location of the .mrn file.

To specify a resource name file for CICS


  1. Create the resource name .mrn file in the Resource Registry.
  2. Copy the .mrn file to the z/OS CICS platform and then load it into a VSAM dataset.
  3. Update the separate JCL file.
    • Specify the DTXMRN DDNAME definition to define this VSAM dataset to the CICS region.
    • Include a CICS resource definition for each resolved resource value used.


Only one DTXMRN VSAM dataset can be used while the CICS region is running, therefore, only one resource name file can be referenced during this duration. Because of this, it is suggested that you define all resource names and their associated values that will be used on the z/OS CICS version of the HCL Integration Platform in one resource name file.