Server definition

An administrator identifies the physical servers and virtual machines where maps can run.

A server definition has the following attributes:
Name and description
Identifies the server among other servers in a project.
Web server
Deploys a map to a web server and uses the REST API to run the map. This server type requires the URL attribute.
Execution server
Represents all other map execution environments, such as the Integration Platform programming interface or Command Server.
Specifies the operating system, such as Linux x64.
Transfer type
Specifies the file transfer protocol as FTP or SFTP.
Host name or IP address
Identifies the server to deploy to.
Port number
The port of the FTP or SFTP server. If not specified, the port resolves to the default port for the selected protocol.
User name and password
Identifies the user ID and password for the selected FTP or SFTP protocol.
Target directory
Deploys files to this directory on the server. Map and file paths are relative to this directory.
HIP installation directory
The location where Integration Platform is installed on the server.
Server group name
Adds this server to the specified server group. This attribute is optional.
Identifies the URL of the catalog API where the deployment function registers a map. The URL is required when the server type is web server.