Executing multiple maps from a single command

From a Windows command line, enter:

dtxcmdsv mymap.mmc -R2 -D1949 flatfile.mmc -F -Y10:2
This specifies the name of the first map to be executed, mymap.mmc.
This causes the server display to be updated two times per second.
This command option specifies that dates without a century value should be converted. Years between 00 and 49 are interpreted as 20xx and years between 50 and 99 are interpreted as 19xx.
This command option specifies the name of another map to be executed, flatfile.mmc. When flatfile.mmc is executed, it uses the default options, not the options that precede it on the command line.
Fail on the return of any warning code.
If any non-data file resource is unavailable, such as the map file, audit log file, work file, and so on, up to ten attempts should be made at two-second intervals to access the unavailable resource.