Executing a command file

As an alternative to typing execution commands on the command line, you can run maps using maps and execution commands in a command file. To use a command file named cmd_file.txt, from a UNIX command line, enter:

dtxcmdsv @cmd_file.txt

A command file can contain spaces and new lines to separate arguments and maps to be run. The following is an example of a command file to be executed on a UNIX platform:

/x12/edi.mmc -TIO -IF2!WXR5:1 dtin -OF1B out.txt
/maps/invoices.mmc -AE -T -WD=/tmp
mymap.mmc -R2 -D1949
flatfile.mmc -F -Y10:2
/maps/daily/multitran.hp -G -OD4R5:3B `-DELETE -TRACE ERROR'

Using this command file, the maps are executed sequentially. These command files can be manually created or can be generated by the Integration Flow Designer for systems with an execution mode of Command.