Fail on Warnings (-F)

Use the Fail on Warnings (-F) execution command to specify that the map should fail when any of the selected warning codes are returned. When used with one or more warning codes, a map-failed condition is returned for those warning codes. When used without other options specified, all warning codes result in a map-failed condition. Using this command impacts OnSuccess settings, OnFailure settings, and so on.

Use to specify warning codes that remain in their default states, that is, as warnings, when they are detected, and as a result, do not cause the mapping process to return a map failed message.

When used with -F only, for example, -F!, a map-failed condition is returned if any of the warning codes is detected.

Specify the warning codes that the mapping process needs to detect, and, depending on how the other Fail on Warnings command options are set, use to determine if it should return a map failed message. Valid warning code selections include: 14, 18, 21, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 34.