Ignore Validation Options (-G)

Use the Ignore Validation Options execution command (-G) to specify the item properties, if any that should be ignored during validation. When used with other specified options, only those item properties are ignored. When used without other specified options, no item properties are ignored.

Ignore restrictions for all items appearing in the input data.

Restrictions of syntax items are not ignored because they are used in determining the value of a syntax object.

Ignore the presentation settings of items.

For example, if a number is defined as an integer but it appears in the data as a decimal number, it validates anyway.

If the Ignore command is used and an item has an invalid presentation, it is mapped as if it were NONE. However, if the input is converted to text using the TEXT function, it is mapped.

Ignore the minimum and maximum size of items that appear in delimited data.

For example, if an item is defined as having a minimum of three bytes, but the data contains only two bytes, it validates anyway.

Ignore restrictions for all items appearing in the input data with no warnings.
Prevents a component rule from being evaluated when either:
  • The group does not include a component that has a group identifier attribute.
  • The component rule occurs on a component that is after the component that has the group identifier attribute.
Use this option to run a map without validating component rules, for example, when your data does not conform exactly to a particular type tree.