Initialization File Override (-N)

To override the default initialization (dtx.ini) file for the Command Server, use the -N command option as the first command to the Command Server, as indicated in the following syntax:


where < INI_filename > is the name of the renamed initialization file. If the path is not absolute, it will be resolved to the path relative to the current path. The current path is the path from where the command server was invoked. Also, if spaces exist in this path/name, enclose the < INI_filename > value in single quotes. When running a map using this override, the entire syntax should be written in the following way:

[< INI_filename >] [< mapname > < commands > ...]

The following example uses the myinit.ini initialization file to run the sdq.mmc map with an execution audit on a Windows operating system:

dtxcmdsv -n=c:\dtx_n.n\myinit.ini sdq.mmc -ae