List (-L)

When using a Command Server on a platform other than Windows, use the List execution command (-L) to display a list of the data sources and targets that are compiled into a map file.

This command does not execute the map. It displays the list of sources and destinations.

For example, if you are using the Command Server on a UNIX platform, you can display the sources and destinations for the sinkmap example map by using the following command:

dtxcmdsv sinkmap.mmc -L

The result would be similar to the following:

Map file: /examples/general/map/sinkmap/sinkmap.mmc -L
Card information for map /examples/general/map/sinkmap/
T column is data type: F=File, A=Application, D=Database
              Name                 T Data
              ----                 - ----
 Input #   1  all_employees        F allemps.txt
 Input #   2  employee_to_lookup   F employee.txt
Output #   1  week                 F 
Output #   2  ttlhours             F 
Output #   3  emp_hours            F emphours.txt

This information can be useful when determining the current source or target names, as well as to confirm the exact source, target types, or locations.