Overriding a database target

Suppose you want to run the map multitran.hp, overriding some of the settings for the fourth output card, which is a database target.

Use the following command:

           /install_dir/dtxcmdsv multitran.hp -G -OD4R5:3B "`-DELETE -TRACE ERROR'"
This specifies the name of the map to be executed, multitran.hp.
All item properties, including size, presentation, and restrictions, are fully validated.
-OD4R5:3B "`...'"
This changes settings for the database target for the data of output card #4 as follows:


  • If the database resource is unavailable, attempt to make the connection five more times at three-second intervals


  • If the map does not complete successfully, roll back any changes made to the database table
These database-specific adapter commands described in the Resources Adapters documentation indicate that all rows in the target database table should be deleted before processing the output data and a trace file should be generated that only contains error information.