Running a map located in a different directory

From a UNIX command line, enter:

           /install_dir/dtxcmdsv /x12/edi.mmc -TIO -IF2!WXR5:1 dtin -OF1B out.txt
This specifies the full path and name of the map to be executed.
A trace file is created or all input and output objects are placed in the same directory as the map and named using the <mapname>.mtr file naming convention.
-IF2!WXR5:1 dtin
This changes the source of input card #2 to be a file named dtin. The other adapter settings for this card include:

Do not re-use workfiles.

If the map successfully executes, delete the dtin file.

If the file is not available, attempt to access it five more times at one-second intervals.

-OF1B out.txt
This changes the destination for the data from output card #1 to be a file named out.txt. The B option causes any changes to out.txt to be backed out (rolled back), if the map does not successfully execute. All other adapter settings are as compiled into the map file.

The file locations in this example are relative to the location of the compiled map file.