WorkSpace PageSize (-P)

When a file-based WorkSpace is used, the amount of memory accessed at a given time depends on the number of pages and the size of pages you configure for a map to run. Use the WorkSpace PageSize execution command (-P) to specify the size of and number of pages to be used.

If this execution command is used without a corresponding WorkSpace execution command (-W), the WorkSpace settings in the compiled map are used.

Generally, for large data files, you might want to increase the number of pages by specifying a large count. For maps that include a large number of type references, you might want to increase the page size.

Size in kilobytes of a single page of memory used during map execution. Page size is measured in kilobytes and is specified as a multiple of 2 between 2 and 1024.
Number of pages used during map execution. The count is specified as an integer greater than 0.