Overriding the schema location at run time

When you have a map that is designed to parse input XML data, but want to use a different schema location than what was set up in the Metadata location setting for the root type on the input card in the Map Designer GUI, run the map from the command line and override the map settings. Use the Input Source Override - File execution command (-IF) and specify the card number and the metadata location (M) command line option with the schema file location, enclosed in single quotes.

From a Windows command line, enter:

install_dir\dtxcmdsv mymap.mmc -IF1M'k:\billing_project\myschema.xsd' 
This specifies the name of the compiled map file to be run.
This will change the source file specification on input card 1 in the mymap.mmc compiled map file to myfile.txt.
This specifies the new metadata location for input card 1.
This is the source file, specified on the -IF execution command, that will override the file specified on input card 1.