Command line arguments

Flow Command Server executable is flowcmdserver.exe on Windows and flowcmdserver on Unix.

Flow command server usage is defined below:
       < --flow <Flow json definition file> >
        [ --dir <Flow working firectory. Relative paths are relative to this directory.
        Default is the current directory> ]
        [ --audit <Flow audit file> ]
        [ --trace <Trace level. Valid values are FATAL, WARNING, ERROR, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE, ALL> ]
        [ --input <Input override formatted as:         "terminal_number;adapter;command_line"> ]
        [ --output <Output override formatted as:       "terminal_number;adapter;command_line"> ]
        [ --var <Flow variable formatted as:    "name=value"> ]
        [ --uuid <Flow UUID> ]
        [ --rrfile <Legacy mapping resource registry file.> ]
        -h              Print help usage message.
        -v              Print version information and exit.
        -a              Enable audit of the flow nodes
        -e              Enable audit of the flow nodes on error
        -d              Run flow in the debug mode