Specify input or output flow terminal override

[ --input <Input override formatted as:
"terminal_number;adapter;command_line"> ]

[ --output <Output override formatted as:
"terminal_number;adapter;command_line"> ]

This optional argument is used to specify the input or output flow terminal override.

The override format consists of these options delimited with a semi-colon (;):
  • terminal_number - defines the flow terminal number. It is an integer argument starting from 1.
  • adaper - is the adapter to use for the override. This version of the flow command server supports only the FILE adapter as a flow override adapter.

  • command_line - defines the adapter command line. In case of the FILE adapter, it defines the file name. If the file name is defined using a relative path, the absolute path is resolved combining the directory defined with –dir option and the command_line.

Repeat the –input or –output command line option to override multiple flow input or output terminals.