Flow audits

Flow audits are a way to retrieve more verbose information about a flow instance.

There are two ways to retrieve an audit:
  • From install_dir/logs
  • As a response from the REST API

Method 1 – Enable the audit setting from the flow settings dialog (from an open flow, click the gear icon in the upper right). If On Error is also enabled, the audit will only be produced if an error occurs while running the flow. A log file is created in the directory with the naming convention: flow name + instance uuid.

Example: flow_e9bea8c6-2f8b-4c47-b776-dcd4f571190e.log

Using this method sets the default audit behavior for whenever the flow is run.

Method 2 – From the Swagger UI, specify “log” near the bottom (look for Add Item). This will again generate the file as above, but it will also return the audit in the response unless the flow is run asynchronously.

Using this method overrides the audit settings specified when designing the flow (method 1 above).