Class name

The fully qualified Java class extending the abstract class SimpleNode.

The Java node requires user to specify the Java class name to load and provide the properties recognized by the Java class to perform actions accordingly on the input received and generate output, pass on the generated output to subsequent nodes in the flow, if any present for the further processing.

Java class name specified in the node settings must implement the abstract class SimpleNode to work during the flow execution. The SimpleNode interface provides the user defined custom Java class, the input stream to process the input and output stream to pass on the output. It generates the next node in the flow, besides the standard success, error, and log terminals to disseminate the success, error, and audit log information to the nodes connected to the those terminals.

The SimpleNode interface allows the Java class to set, get, increment, and decrement a flow variable from the Java node in a flow. Flow variables are process data variables that goes with the flow execution and accessible to all nodes in the flow that includes Java nodes while a flow is being executed. Flow variables are name-value pairs, where name is a case-sensitive string that is associated with a specific value in string format.

The location of the SimpleNode interface and documentation:


Location of the example Java classes that implement the SimpleNode interface, which are part of com.hcl.hip.examples package:


Location of an example flow that utilizes multiple Java nodes using the example Java classes (that implements the SimpleNode interface):


The readme files for the example flow and Java classes that implement the SimpleNode interface provide the additional information and instructions on creating, building user specific custom Java classes, that are used as part of Java nodes in a flow definition and invoked during the flow execution.

The jar file or jar files housing the Java classes that implement the SimpleNode abstract class must be present under the following location for the Java nodes to invoke them, when the flow is being run:


User can either copy the jar file(s) manually to the above designated location for the flow to pick up during the execution or, create a zip file with the jar file(s) that hip-rest application will copy over the designated location during the startup.

The zip file should be in the following format:


Where, <nodename> is any string of user’s choice and <version> is a version number of user’s choice. _simplejava_ is case-sensitive and should be in the middle of the <nodename> and <version> when naming the zip file.