A Flow that has a Map node as its first node, and uses a File adapter for an input, can enable that node's input to be a Watch.

When a package is deployed with a flow that has a Watch, the Flow Engine's File Listener is started to monitor for files that match the map's input file definition.

You can use wildcards in the file adapter's filename so the File Listener will start a flow instance with each file that matches the pattern defined for the filename.

After it is deployed, the flow will run an instance when a file that matches the configured pattern of the filename appears in the trigger directory. The trigger is the directory defined for the map's input.

If a wildcard is used in the definition of the filename, the system flow variable "_WILDCARD_" will be assigned the value of the wildcard for that flow instance. The value can then be retrieved throughout the flow instance. For a complete demonstration, see the Listener example.

See the Listener example for a demonstration of how to use the Listener. The Listener example contains a readme file that contains detailed instructions about how to run the example.