This section lists the settings available for the Split node.

Batch Size

Specifies the number of records to include in each batch.

Maximum Instances

Specifies the maximum number of parallel instances.

Read From File

Specifies the options to read the input from a file or from the input terminal.

File Path

Specifies the path of input file.

Record Delimiter

Specifies the character that delimits records. \\r for carriage return, \\n for newline and \\t for tab.

Has Header

Specifies that the header record is available in data.

Include Header

Decides whether the header record should be included in each batch sent to the output.

Output Header Split

Controls the Split node header processing, if the Has Header property is set. If the Output Header Split is enabled, the Split node processes the header in the first batch. It sets Flow Internal variable ~SPLIT~ to value HEADER when processing the header. The Split node waits for the header to process before it executes rows processing in parallel. ~SPLIT~ variable is set to the batch index when rows are processed in parallel.