Object names influence the number of evaluation sets

In some expressions, the same data object name might appear more than once. The same data object name always refers to the same data object. The same data object name influences the combinations of evaluation sets that are selected. For example:

BackOrder(s) = Qty Ordered:Record:Order - Qty Received:Record:Order

When a BackOrder evaluation set is selected, the Record that contains Qty Ordered is always the same Record that contains Qty Received. And an Order is always the same one for one evaluation set. When the same object name is used more than once in the same expression, both references bind to the same object.

If there is always one Qty Ordered per Record and one Qty Received per Record, the following would be sample data:

Record # Qty Ordered Qty Received
1 5 4
2 4 4
3 6 2

This would produce three Back Orders, one for each Record.

You can coordinate nested data objects easily by the way an object name is used.