The RANDDATA function returns random text based on the properties of the output type. The RAND function returns a pseudo-random integer between 0 and RAND_MAX (guaranteed to be at least 32,767). The RANDDATA function generates a valid random value of the item type that is being built when it is invoked. In other words, if the rule were “A:Card = RandData ()”, the random value would be valid data for type "A"—where that type "A" is a component of the specified “Card”. The type "A" can be text, a date/time object, or a number.

A single object (text, a date/time object, or a number)

RANDDATA takes no parameters. If the SEED function is called prior to RANDDATA, RANDDATA will return the same value for the same item properties it is returning to, based on the value to SEED.

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