You can use the TRIMLEFT function to remove spaces or a text string at the beginning of some text.

TRIMLEFT removes leading characters from a text item.

TRIMLEFT ( single-text-expression [ , single-text-expression ] )
TRIMLEFT ( item_to_trim [ , text_to_trim ] )
A single text item

TRIMLEFT removes leading characters that match text_to_trim from item_to_trim and returns the result as a single text item. If text_to_trim is not specified, leading spaces are removed from item_to_trim.


  • TRIMLEFT ( " abc" )

    Returns: abc

  • TRIMLEFT ( "000345" , "0" )

    Returns: 345

  • TRIMLEFT ( LastName Column:Row , "<WSP>" )

    Returns the content of LastName Column after removing all leading whitespace characters (space, horizontal tab, carriage return, or line feed characters).

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