Using the EXITPARAM Structure

Function prototype

The function to be executed must be a function in a library with the following prototype:

void MyFunc(LPEXITPARAM lpep);

Definition of the EXITPARAM structure

The definition of the EXITPARAM structure is as follows:

struct tagExitParamStruct
   DWORD         dwSize;
   DWORD         dwToLen;
   DWORD         dwFromLen;
   DWORD         dwMapInstance;
   void FAR *    lpv;
   LPSTR         lpszCmdLine;
   BYTE HUGE *   lpDataToApp;
   BYTE HUGE *   lpDataFromApp;
   UINT          uRetryCount;
   UINT          uRetryInterval;
   BOOL          bRollback;
   BOOL          bCleanup;
   int           nReturn;
   char          szErrMsg[100];
   char          szFile[260];
   void FAR *    lpMapHandle;
   void FAR *    lpInternal;
   void FAR *    lpCmdStruct;
   void FAR *    lpAdaptParms;
   void FAR *    lpContext;
   void FAR *    lpWildcard;
   void FAR *    lpfnMS;
   void FAR *    lpMS;
   DWORD         dwWildcardSize;
   LPSTR         lpszMapDirectory;
   WORD          wCardNum;
   WORD          wCleanupAction;
   WORD          wScope;
   UINT          uUnitSize;
   BOOL          bBurst;
   BOOL          bFromRule;
   BOOL          bSource;
   DWORD         dwRecords;
typedef struct tagExitParamStruct EXITPARAM;
typedef struct tagExitParamStruct FAR * LPEXITPARAM;

The engine environment sets up the EXITPARAM structure and the function should fill in the result. The engine will allocate and free the memory associated with lpDataToApp. The function must allocate the memory for lpDataFromApp. For all Windows operating systems, use the Windows macro GlobalAllocPtr defined in windowsx.h. For all other operating systems, use the C-runtime malloc function. The engine will free this memory.

Table 1. Components of EXITPARAM as used with the EXIT function.
Component Used as Usage
dwSize Input Size (in bytes) of EXITPARAM to assure correct compatibility
dwToLen Input Length (size in bytes) of lpDataToApp
dwFromLen Output Length (size in bytes) of lpDataFromApp
dwMapInstance   Not used
lpv   Not used
LpszCmdLine   Not used
lpDataToApp Input Data sent to the function. This is the third parameter of the EXIT function
lpDataFromApp Output Data sent back to the server from the function
uRetryCount   Not used
uRetryInterval   Not used
bRollback   Not Used
bCleanup   Not used
nReturn Output Return code based on the outcome of the function
szErrMsg Output String message based on nReturn
szFile   Not used
lpInternal   Not used
lpCmdStruct   Not used
lpAdaptParms   Not used
lpContext   Not used
lpWildcard   Not used
dwWildcardSize   Not used
lpszMapDirectory   Not used
wCardNum   Not used
wCleanupAction   Not used
wScope   Not used
uUnitSize   Not used
bBurst   Not used
lpfnMS   Not used.
lpMS   Not used
dwRecords   Not used

There is no interaction with the nReturn or szErrMsg fields. However, this might change in a future release.