The SETVARIABLE function sets a new, or updates an existing flow variable. This function specifies the name of a flow variable if one does not already exist. Otherwise, it updates the value of an existing flow variable with the new value.

The value associated to a flow variable is a text expression and returns the new value to the map. Empty value skips creating or updating of a flow variable. Flow variables that are considered special (reserved or internal) cannot be set with ths function.

SETVARIABLE ( single-text-expression, single-text-expression )
SETVARIABLE ( variable_name, variable_value )
A single text item


  • flowlib->SETVARIABLE (“interest.rate”, “10” )

    Sets flow variable, interest.rate, with a value 10. Creates a new flow variable if interest.rate does not exist already, otherwise updates and returns the new value 10

  • flowlib->SETVARIABLE ( “”, “IDXYZ123” )

    Sets or updates flow variable,, with IDXYZ123 and returns IDXYZ123