Installing a native version of HCL Link Design Server

The installation instructions provided here describe how to perform a Native installation of the HCL Link Design Server.

  1. Download the Design Server package for Linux.
  2. Open hip-server-native.env in your favorite editor and check the default values.
  3. Make certain the scripts are executable by running the following command:
    chmod +x tomcat-context/ node-context/
  4. Install ksh shell using your system's package manager.
  5. If you would like to run the Runtime Server alongside Design Server, specify the path to your license file using the environment variable, LICENSE_FILE.
  6. Install and start MongoDB using their installation guides, or point to an existing MongoDB server using values in hip-server-native.env.
  7. Run the installation: sudo install
  8. Start the product by running this script: sudo start
  9. List the status of each component by running this script: sudo status