Installation Steps - LNK REST API is not installed

Use these installation steps if LNK REST API is not installed on your computer.

Note: Installing the LNK Design Server also installs the LNK REST API at the same time. The Design Server reuses the REST API application server configuration settings defined in the restapi\tomcat\dtxtomcat.ini file. In order for any change to this file to take effect, you must reinstall the Design Server.
After the LNK Runtime server is installed, install the Design Time server by following these steps:
  1. Locate the LNK Runtime Server on your computer:
  2. Open a Windows command window with Administrator priviledges, then change the current folder to:
  3. Extract the Design Server installation compressed file by executing the script: unzipDesignServer.bat
  4. Type install.bat and then press Enter.
  5. Follow the messages on the screen that display installation status. In the case of an installation error, look in the install.log file. The log file displays error messages and possible actions that you can perform to correct errors.