Importating and exporting

A project organizes related artifacts (connections and actions, schemas, maps, and files) in the Design Server repository. The import and export functions move projects or individual artifacts between the repository and the local file system. By using the import and export functions, you can reuse artifacts in multiple projects or move a project between multiple instances of Design Server.

For example, you can export a project from the Design Server instance running on a shared server at your office to import it to the Design Server instance running on your local laptop.

Exporting a project creates a .zip archive file and manifest of the project and downloads it to the local file system. Importing a project moves the project from the local file system into the Design Server repository. You can import both Design Server projects and legacy projects into Design Server. Compress legacy artifacts into a .zip archive file before you import them.

You also can select individual artifacts (connections and actions, schemas, maps, and files) to export and import. For example, you might want to export a map to send it to Support to diagnose a problem, or you might want to copy a schema from one project to another.

When you export individual artifacts, you can choose to include dependent artifacts automatically.
  • Maps depend on schemas, files, connections, and actions.
  • Actions depend on schemas, files, and connections.