Command-driven execution model

The HCL Link Command Server provides a command-driven capability for the execution of integration maps. This model is normally associated with batch-driven, on-demand integration processes. The methods for executing maps in command mode include the following:

  • Executing a single map from a command prompt
  • Executing multiple maps in sequence using a command parameter file
  • Executing from the Windows-based Command Server, which provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for loading and running maps, as well as for overriding map settings
  • Executing as part of a batch file or shell script
  • Executing as part of a mainframe job as specified in the Job Control Language (JCL)
  • Executing using commands specified in a scheduling program

By default, the execution settings of a map (such as MapAudit and WorkSpace) are compiled into the runtime object. In all modes of execution, it is possible to override almost all settings at run time. For Command Server invocation, the overrides are supplied as parameters on the command line.