License-message logging for Pack features

When a map fails because Link cannot acquire the required Pack license, the error is logged in the map audit log as well as in the runtime log. The audit log specifies mapreturn=40 error code when a license is not available for the Pack for Healthcare or the Pack for Supply Chain EDI. For example:
<MapAudit StartTime="05:47:20 February 7, 2018"> 
<Platform>Command Server for Windows - Version 9.0.1(31)</Platform> 
<ExecutionSummary MapStatus="Error" mapreturn="40" ElapsedSec="27.8466" BurstRestartCount="0"> 
<Message>Feature does not have a valid license</Message> 
<CommandLine>c:\temp\testput.mmc -ae -if1 readme.txt</CommandLine>