Batching logical messages

You may process bursts of multiple messages. Under some conditions, this may improve performance. To do this, the logical input (that is, the type of the input card) is a series of messages. Then, adjust the FetchUnit to the quantity of messages to process for a given burst.

Automatic Logical Unit Adjustment: If the input type has one component, the range maximum is automatically adjusted for that component to match the FetchUnit. For example, the input type is a group with one component (could be a series of messages with a range maximum of 10) and the FetchUnit = 20. The series range maximum is automatically adjusted to 20 when the map runs.

If the input type has no components, or has more than one component, the type of that input is not automatically adjusted. In this case, if the amount of data retrieved for a burst does not match the input type definition, the input is either invalid or a burst warning is issued "Input valid, but unknown data found".