Command Server window

After a map is run, a runtime message appears in the Command Server window. This message provides information about the map.

For example, the message "Map completed successfully" indicates that all inputs are valid. However, you might see the message "One or more inputs was invalid"-indicating that an input card object is invalid.

The message "One or more inputs was invalid" can occur even if you are absolutely sure that the input data is valid. In that case, there may be an error in the data definitions in the schema designer. For example, if you mistakenly defined an item to be an integer but the data is actually a decimal number, that data object is considered invalid because it does not match its type definition. In general, when data is diagnosed as "invalid", either the data is invalid or the type definition is incorrect.

The Command Server window also displays the progress of the data being mapped. For example, you can see when input objects are found and when output objects are built.