Input data retrieval

The FetchAs setting applies only to input cards. It indicates how the adapter retrieves the input data. By default, this setting is Integral, meaning that all of the input data is retrieved once from the source.

Setting this parameter to Burst means that the adapter will retrieve the input data in increments specified in the FetchUnit parameter. The units of data correspond to the highest-level repeating object in the schema. For example, a payroll file contains 105 records. Using Burst mode with the FetchUnit parameter set to 10, data will be sent in 11 "chunks". The first ten chunks will contain ten records each and the eleventh chunk will contain the remaining five records.

Despite the fact that bursts process some of the map data and that multiple sets of outputs are built, transactional integrity is not sacrificed. If desired, the Scope card setting can be set to Map to prevent any changes from being committed until all bursts have successfully completed.

There are several potential benefits to using Burst mode: