Map settings in the audit log

The MapAudit Switch = On and the SettingsAudit Map = On map settings produce an audit log with map setting information.

Map settings include:

  • Map audit settings
  • Map trace information
  • Paging scheme
  • Validation specifications
  • Audit log location
  • Work space information
  • Century information

Map settings are viewable in the audit log:

<MapAudit switch="ON">
   <Log execution="OFF" data="OFF" mapsettings="ON" datasettings="OFF"/>
   <Location type="File" action="Create">
      <Directory type="Map">install_dir\examples</Directory>
      <FileName type="Default" prefix="MapName">CallsSummary.log</FileName>
<MapTrace switch="OFF"></MapTrace>
   <Location type="Memory">
<SlidingCentury switch="OFF"></SlidingCentury>
<CustomValidation switch="OFF"></CustomValidation>
<Retry switch="OFF"></Retry>
<BurstRestart switch="OFF"></BurstRestart>
<Warnings type="Every" action="Warn"></Warnings>