Using the Restart Attribute

To map invalid data of a particular object, assign the Restart attribute at the component level. Errors must be ignored for invalid data objects during validation. You can then map the invalid data using any or all of the error functions REJECT, ISERROR, and CONTAINSERRORS.

HCL Integration Platform information, including the Restart information, is stored in temporary, read-only native schema schema (.mtx) files. These files have the same name as the native schema, but with the .mtx extension. Any changes to schemas referenced in these .mtx files might cause the process that maps items from the schema, to update the .mtx file, and remove the Restart information that was stored there. If this occurs, or if the file gets deleted, you must recreate the Restart attribute by right-clicking the type in the card, and clicking Restart.

For additional information about the Restart attribute, see the schema designer documentation.