SPE database connection

The Standards Processing Engine (SPE) database stores maps and other artifacts. Design Studio supports a default database as well as other SPE databases.

To use Design Studio to test maps on SPE or deploy artifacts to SPE, you can configure a database in the Design Studio Preferences, or you can use the default database.

When you configure a database, you must supply the SPE database URL, user name, and password to connect Design Studio to the database. If you specify the user name and password in advance in the Manage Repository window, they are automatically in effect when you test on or deploy to the database on SPE. If you do not specify them in advance, you must supply the database user name and password each time you test on or deploy to the database on SPE.

You do not need to configure a URL, user name, or password to test or deploy maps to the SPE default database. The default database uses the values in the SPE dbprops.cfg file.