Card names in map rules

A map rule can see the entire card data object. For example, if an input card name is OrderFile, the name for the entire card object is OrderFile.

The name of the card appears as the first data object of the card. In the example shown below, the card name is OrderFile. This name appears last in each object name:



A unique name for each card in the map provides the ability to distinguish between card objects.

For example, if two input cards are defined by the same type, these two input cards may exist with the same type, but their card names are different. If the name of the first card is Input1 and the second input card is Input2. If a component Record exists as data objects in both these cards, the difference is distinguishable Record in one input and Record in the other because the Record types in the different cards have different names Record:Input1 and Record:Input2.