Configuring the RUN function and bursts

When using the RUN function, a source or target used for the map that is run can be configured to be part of the transaction of the burst using the RUN function. To do this, set the Scope of the card in the map referenced in the RUN function to Map. In this case, if the map that contains the RUN rule fails, any adapter used in the map referenced in the RUN function whose scope is Map will exercise the OnFailure action.

If the Scope of a source or target is set to burst or card, that resource will act based on the appropriate completion status of the card or burst configured in the referenced RUN function.

When using nested RUN functions, if a source or target contained in a nested RUN has a Scope set to Map, any higher failure will cause that source or target to exercise its OnFailure action.

The rollback transaction behavior on maps called with the RUN function is achieved by using an output card, not the PUT function.