Data object names in map rules

The following examples show different kinds of data object names that can appear in a map rule. The following is a partial list of the possible data object names. For a detailed list of object names, see the Functions and Expressions documentation.

Data Object Appears in map rules as: Description
Card names OrderFile User-defined name of input or output card

A unique name for each card in the map provides the ability to distinguish between card objects that may be used in more than one card.

Component Record:OrderFile


Separated by colon (:)

Interpret as "of": "Quantity of Record of OrderFile"

Quantity is a component of Record. Record is a component of OrderFile.

Index Note[3]:Report Specific occurrence appears in square brackets [n] immediately after the type

A particular occurrence of a data object indicated by the index

Partition Customer<>Record Separated by < >

When a type is partitioned, its subtypes, or partitions, appear in the card with < >.

Shortened data object name Company Field:.:Input A period (.) is used as an abbreviation of ellipses (...)

The shortest object name that is different from all other object names in the same map is used. Some object names may not include ellipses, because the shortest unique name is the entire name.