ExecutionSummary in the Tryaudit type tree

The audit log is created for a specific map. During map execution, after all bursts complete, the status of the map is summarized in the ExecutionSummary. The ExecutionSummary element in the audit log provides performance data for the map as a whole. This information appears in the audit log when the SummaryAudit > Execution map setting = ON.

Open install_dir\examples\general\audit\tryaudit.mtt, where install_dir refers to the path where IBM Transformation Extender is installed, to view the structure of ExecutionSummary.

The ExecutionSummary element contains:

Summary information provides performance data for the map as a whole. For example, summary information might include the fact that all bursts succeeded, but the map failed because Scope was set to Map, and an adapter failed.

Summary source and target reports the adapter used for each, the total number of bytes processed over all bursts, and the final adapter return code.